Welcome to Else Week!

A week dedicated to exploring, living, and creating your Else …and doing it alongside other people who are doing life differently.

This Else Week is dedicated to tapping into what you want, exploring where you’re at right now, and bridging the gap of possibility between the two so that you can begin to live the life you want NOW.

We’ll support you with 3 audios to take you through this process, along with tools and resources available only to members, like: Else Thinks - daily messages sent straight to your inbox - and the Not So Distant Now Activation. Be sure to use these tools while ya got ‘em, because they go away after Else Week. You can find all the Else Week content right here:

The magic of Else Week begins with

these 3 steps:


STEP ONE: Listen to the ‘Intro to Else Week’ Audio

In this audio, you’ll hear about:

  • The free members-only content you get access to during Else Week,

  • What we’re going to be focused on this week,

  • The exciting event we have planned at the end of Else Week,

  • And, more!

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STEP THREE: Introduce Yourself + meet the other Else Weekers

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Take time to meet the other people who are joining us for Else Week.

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Else Week Content:

All the Else Week Content will be posted here, so be sure to bookmark this link so you can come back anytime!


What do you want? It’s one of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves, and it’s fundamental to living and creating the life we want.

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Where are you at? This, your right now reality, is where you take the actions and make the decisions that create the life you want. Get clear on where you are in this audio and start moving towards what you want.

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In this audio, we lay what you want alongside where you’re at so that we can create a bridge of possibility between the two. We’ll explore what’s possible right now, not someday, not “when this”, but right. now.


The Not So Distant Now Activation

This audio is a visual meditation that puts you face to face with your future self - that you that has already created and lived the life you want. You are the only one that knows what you want and how to create it, this audio allows you receive exact next steps straight from the source: YOU.

<<Listen to the Activation Here

This audio was created by Lisa Berkovitz and Anne Perry, founder of Else Society. Tune into this activation as many times as you need and be sure to record your action steps.

Else Connect (Live Call)

A LIVE Community Call

Come together with other people who are doing life differently to brainstorm, connect, and inspire.

MAY 25th AT 11am MST / 1pm EST / 6pm LONDON / 7pm CEST

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Use this same button to take you to the ZOOM (video call) room on the date and time of the call.